Can the Phillies Do It? A Look At The Wild Card Race.

After an impressive sweep of the Nationals, The Phillies rose to a 61-67 record, and are now 9.5 back of the final wildcard spot. Many people are starting to question if the Phillies can actually do what the Cardinals did last season; Make a dramatic September run. If any team was built to make a run, it is the Phillies. They have 3 pitchers in Halladay, Hamels, and Lee who are capable of shutting down anyone and any team. Also, the recent emergence of a really strong Kyle Kendrick gives the Phillies 4 solid starters down the stretch. The offense has actually been productive of late, Utley and Howard are starting to produce, and the recent hot bats of Frandsen, Kratz, and Mayberry give the Phils some extra pop they have been missing up till this point. The key to the Phillies making any kind of run will be the bullpen though. IF, and its a big if, the Phillies bullpen can have performances similar to what we saw this weekend, there is no reason the Phils can’t at the least make things interesting down the stretch. I would say they need to get within 6/ 6.5 by the first week in September to actually have a shot at it. Time will tell, but one thing is for certain. If the Phillies start to get close those teams in front of them will feel the heat, and the thought of an experienced team breathing down their necks will be alot of extra pressure.

Here’s a look at the remaining schedules of the Phillies and the rest of the teams in front of them in the Wild Card race.

PHILLIES: 6 vs. NYM, 6 vs. ATL, 3 vs. CIN, 3 vs. COL, 6 vs. MIA, 6 vs. WAS, 4 vs. HOU. 

Arizona:   9 vs. SF, 3 vs. CIN, vs. COL 4, vs. SD 6, vs. LAD 6, vs. CHI 3. 

Pittsburgh- 3 vs. STL, 6 vs. HOU, 6 vs. CIN, 4 vs. NYM, 3 vs. ATL, 6 vs. MIL, 7 vs. CHI. 

Los Angeles – 1 vs. MIA, 6 vs. COL, 6 vs. ARZ, 6 vs. SD, 6 vs. SF, 4 vs. STL, 3 vs. WAS, 3 vs. CIN.

St. Louis-  3 vs. PIT, 6 vs. HOU, 4 vs. CIN, 7 vs. WAS, 3 vs. NYM, 3 vs. MIL, 3 vs. SD, 3 vs. CHI, 4 vs. LAD. 

Atlanta-  1 vs. SF, 3 vs. SD, 6 vs. PHI, 4 vs. COL, 6 vs. NYM, 3 vs. MIL, 3 vs. WAS, 3 vs. PIT, 4 vs. MIA. 

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