Should the Phillies Move Jimmy Rollins This Offseason? Why It Could Make Sense.

At his best, Jimmy Rollins is an elite defensive shortstop who has the ability to be a .260-.280 hitter with occasional power. At his best is the key term. Coming into tonight, Rollins is batting .238 in what would be considered a disappointing season on alot of fronts for him. His hustle, focus, and will to still be a leader have all been questioned this season. Jimmy Rollins was brought back last off season on a  3 year/ 33 million dollar deal with an option for a 4th year at another $11 million. In other words, the Phillies have Jimmy for at least the next two seasons barring a trade. The Phillies gave Jimmy about market plus a year for his services, making him somewhat tradeable  if they were to pursue it in the off season. Should the Philies trade Jimmy Rollins? I think they should explore it.

Trading Jimmy Rollins would be reliant on two main factors; Freddy Galvis and money. First, if the Phillies trade Jimmy Rollins, in my opinion you HAVE to dump the entire salary, not part of it. Trading Jimmy only makes sense if the Phillies gain financial flexibility to put towards other areas like the bullpen, center field, and 3rd base. Second, the Phillies evaluation of Freddy Galvis’ offense, which is the key. In his short season, Galvis proved he can play shortstop and that he possesses the necessary baseball IQ to be an everyday player, but his offense is still a question mark. IF the Phillies scouts and baseball people really believe Freddy Galvis can be an average(.250 or above), offensive player then this is a no brainer. Sure, myself included I love Jimmy for everything he has done, and he in some ways will be irreplaceable, but lets compare the options. $11 million  next season for Jimmy Rollins, the deteriorating SS, or Freddy Galvis at virtually no $$, with money to spend on other areas, while getting at least this seasons offensive Jimmy Rollins.

Charlie Manuel today said of Galvis, “I’ve said it before… Freddy Galvis knows more, he is the best baseball player as far as knowledge, and how to carry out an assignment on the field, that I’ve seen in a long time. We talk about Trout and we talk about Harper, Freddy Galvis has more natural instincts, more knowledge of where to go, to carry out assignments, and fundamentally play the game than any kid I’ve seen in a long time.” That has to at least carry some weight. Take your emotions out of it, the Phillies may be better off and may be a better team without Jimmy Rollins next year.

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