Why a Perfect Game is So Special.

Less than an hour ago, many people around the baseball globe got word of what was happening at Safeco Park in Seattle, Washington. “King” Felix Hernandez was three outs away from perfection against the Tampa Bay Rays. There’s that moment I’m sure between the 6th and 8th inning people at work were scrambling their way to MLB.com, people at home were flipping their remote to MLB Network, and those driving were on their MLB At Bat App to follow the chase of perfection.Suddenly, we all could care less about everything else, baseball history is at stake. There is something truly special about baseball when you compare it to all other sports. What other sport would you stop on a dime to catch something totally irrelevant to your own rooting interest, your own team because it was so special? No other sport but baseball. Baseball has this history about it, this nostalgia that whether your a Phillies fan, or an Kansas City Royals fan that perfect game means something to you. All at once, all of the baseball world, even some unadmitting Tampa Bay Rays fans were rooting for history, and its totally alright. Just when baseball looks so flawed, and Melky Cabrera gets busted for PED’s earlier in the afternoon, you have that thought of how baseball is just like everything else, and it loses its’ luster for that split second. Then King Felix recaptures that magic, that moment of rediscovering how great baseball really is. Just goes to show you, whether your in a playoff race or the worst team in the league, the unpredictability of baseball makes it truly great. 20 years from now, we won’t remember that on August 15, 2012 the Mariners were terrible, or that Melky Cabera got suspended, or that the Phillies young and inexperienced bullpen pissed away a chance at a sweep. We will remember that magical moment, that split second where baseball was PERFECT. 

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