Between the Internet, ESPN, and every other average Joe twitter account, our world is over saturated with opinions and analysis relating to sports, especially baseball. Everyone educated and uneducated has a theory, an opinion, a bone to pick, and definitely a soap box to stand on. Baseball is so great because their is not one perfect way to understand it. There is no flawless system of analysis, and not one person has been able to master it. Baseball’s greatness lies in its’ inability to become predictable, its ability to be so different yet so similar game in and game out. With that being said, I am writing this blog  to appreciate that greatness. I will do my best to give educated and opinionated observations of the baseball world from a Phillies perspective. I will try and focus on anything and everything that is related to the Phils, and hope to at the least cause the reader to think about things from a different perspective.  This blog is meant to be different, to take a look at things through a perspective that is not so cookie cutter that you can find it anywhere in the blogosphere. My goal is not to change anyone’s opinions, but to rather present another viewpoint or idea with which the reader can evaluate and compare to what they may already know or feel. Anyways, I am looking forward to interacting and sharing ideas on the Phillies and Major League Baseball, and hope you can appreciate my thoughts.

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